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AMJ’s Executive Team can evaluate and close deals quickly. We have developed a reputation as a serious buyer with the ability to close with cash. Below is a short list of our acquisition criteria:

  • Quality analysis is key to our buying decisions. We review market demographics and conditions, comparables, rent or sale rates, necessary capital expenditures, operating costs, possibilities of leverage, and predict IRRs.
  • We prefer to stay within a 3 hours drive time of Gainesville, Florida.
  • We always purchase at less than replacement cost.
  • We are investors with a long term perspective therefore prefer higher quality  assets.
  • Good pricing is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for purchase.
  • Income producing properties are analyzed based on long term market rents, not only current rents.
  • For sale properties are analyzed on quick sale pricing, not wishful thinking.
  • We will purchase properly discounted real estate notes and mortgages.
  • We are not interested in auction properties, and we don’t chase deals.
  • We have never been afraid to pursue a complex deal, if after carefully analyzing all the facts, we believe the risk/reward profile is reasonable.